Jawad's Photo Album 1/1
Azam Jawad Kamal 2003
Farooq, Fawad, Zubair, Sohail, Jawad, Kamal 2003
In front of my apartment in Seattle
My room in Seattle, University of Washington
Steve after receiving APHA Mid Career Award
Office meeting in Beira, Mozambique 2003
vegas night with Umar and Tariq 2001
With fellow interns at World Health Organization, Geneva 1998
With filmstar Nadeem in Selfridge London 1998
With President of University of Washington
With Steve and Ahoua at their house
Beira, Mozambique
kalam swat
kid in Africa
kids in Africa
Kids in Swat
Kids in Swat2
Muhodand Lake Swat
River Swat at Kalam

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