New Year wishes from Jawad 2005

Dear friends Another year is ending today. This year we have survived both man made and natural disasters. People enjoying a peaceful morning were suddenly fighting for their lives. Tsunami did not distinguish between rich and poor. Today on the last day of 2004, many newspapers have published an op-ed of a very famous TV program host. Representing one section of population here, he stressed his readers to keep fighting for their culture and beliefs. One thing we can easily live without is another fight. None of us (except few) would like to hurt each other but our stubbornness and ego make us very dangerous creatures on this planet. Most of us know that modern human beings came around just 100,000 years ago while dinosaurs survived 250 million years and they are dead for many million years now. Look beyond our solar system and we are part of a galaxy with many millions stars and then our galaxy is just a small galaxy among millions of other galaxies. We actually are “nothing” so I don’t know why we become so arrogant? May be we should be more humble and try to find common grounds among us to cultivate love and understanding. Life is too short and mother earth is too small for all these fights. Happy New Year to you and your family

Jawad & family

Rana Jawad Asghar, MD, MPH

Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Surveillance, Epidemiology and Outbreak Investigation Branch NCHSTP/DTBE

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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