Bad experience with Emirates airlines? You are not alone!

After publication of my article I got lot of letters where people shared with me the similar bad experiences they had with Emirates airlines. Following are some of these similar experiences. To be fair, I am also including messages which support Emirates service.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed in these pages are of different authors (people who have send me these emails)  and  there is no way for me to check the authenticity of their claims. I welcome any response from Emirates on these specific complaints and that will be published on these pages also.  


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From: "Kate Murray" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 8:44 PM
Subject: Complaints about Emirates

Just read your numerous complaints after a colleague told me about the
site...and I had to respond after I'd picked myself up off the floor where
I'd been crying with laughter!! Are you lot really serious?! Yes I do work
for an airline and I'd like to share a view from the other side of the fence
(the no-chip-on-shoulder don't-expect-the-world-on-a-plastic-plate side) -

1. You have a baby. Yes, it's YOUR baby. So bring nappies, milk, soft toys.
It might need feeding or changing on a ten hour flight.
2. You have a child. Or six. Yes, they are YOUR children and YOUR
responsibility. So keep them in order. Bring toys, books, games. They might
need entertaining on a ten hour flight and if they don't eat regular food
bring whatever the spoilt brats do eat. An aircraft is not a creche.
3. A window seat is not a God-given right. Or an aisle seat. Or a row of
four to yourself.
4. Sitting with the rest of your family/group is not a God-given right.
Especially when you check in ten minutes before the flight closes.
5. Aircraft do go tech. They do break down. It pisses us off just as much
sitting around waiting for the flight to take off as it does you. At least
you aren't forced to stay awake for hours at four am with only abuse from
passengers to look forward to. We don't get a hotel room either.
6. Have you ever tried to take off or land in British or east-coast US
winter? Sometimes flights will be delayed because of weather. Fact. We
haven't yet perfected the weather-control system.
7. You reckon Asians are treated worse than "others" at Dubai. Have you ever
stopped to see who it is that behaves the least civilly to those working
there? And funnily enough they always seem to have a non-Asian passport
conspicuously poking from a top pocket. Didn't realise that elevates your
status in life. By the way the rest of us aren't so bothered about the world
knowing where we "come from" and keep them in our bags. Those of us who
really are British/American.
8. Baggage. That's what it means. Not the entire contents of your house. Why
are you surprised when you are asked to pay for excess, if the weight limit
is 30kgs and you turn up with 80 (and hand baggage the size of a small beach
hut hidden round the corner with your nan)?
9.You didn't order vegetarian. We are not telepathic. What do you suggest we
do at thirty nine thousand feet above the Atlantic? Divert?
10.Your bag got lost. One bag amongst the millions that travel every day.
Ok, bad luck, but you put jewellery worth $10k in it? Are you daft? Emirates
lost my brother's golf clubs and he's a golf pro. Kind of relies on them for
work. We got them back (and $100 compensation, both delivered to our door)
three days later.
11. Your bag arrived at Delhi airport but not to you. The airline proved it
did. Are you out for compensation even though it was your own corrupt
airport's fault by any chance?
12. You need a glass of water. You HAVE to have it cos you're a heart
patient. Yeah, you and the other 319 passengers in Economy on a B777. You're
in an aisle seat right next to the wall-mounted water dispenser. Rocket
science, is it? No bloody wonder you get glared at when you ask.
13. Some nasty crew member refused to lift your bags up to the hatrack. Poor
you, that horrid mean crew member. I mean, why should YOU lift your OWN bag
with YOUR possessions that YOU brought all through the airport perfectly OK?
Never mind the back problems crew experience, they were nasty and mean to
you not to lift your bag. Myself, I'd be happy to lift your bag. When I
eventually get back to flying - I'm still recovering from spinal surgery to
correct a slipped disc.
14.The crew were rude. How awful. What, incidentally, did you say to them in
the first place? If it was something along the lines of "get me Pepsi"
...... "I want a blanket" ....... "give me chicken" ... "TEA!! TEA!! TEA!!"
then hardly surprising!! Do you think please and thankyou were invented just
for spelling practice? And don't expect friendly facial expressions if you
are offered tea by a crew member carrying ONE pot and you hold your cup out
and demand coffee. It's not a magic pot.
15. One final thought - who are all your complaints from? Face it, you may
get out and swindle a passport from the UK or the US (everyone knows British
passports can be obtained from the back of Kelloggs packets and for some
reason sending one member of the family to school in the US miraculously
provides access for the whole family including Great Aunt so-and-so up the
road and the neighbour's dog) but at the end of the day you are still Indian
or Pakistani. We know that, you know that. So stop pretending, you are a
laughing stock in the country you now call your own even though you barely
speak the language. Accept it, get the potato-sized chip off your shoulder
and while you're at it why not stay in your own country, stop emigrating and
use only your own airlines then you wouldn't have anything to complain

Actually, what would you do for entertainment then?

Best regards from the airline industry!

Kate Murray

From: ahmed
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 4:18 PM



From: Ashfia Naheed
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 1:49 AM
Subject: Baggage missing

I have lost two of my baggages and my final airlines Virgin Atlantic is trying to trace them through Emirates but no luck so far. I have never imagined it can happen with me specially from Emirates (such 'well known' airlines).
If I receive those I will be most happiest person on earth. I had some special memories in those baggages.
From: Saeed Baghbani
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 9:05 AM
Subject: Missing Luggage

Emirates Airlines also lost my luggage which contained a very precious, priceless frame from my grandmother.
I have been fighting with them for almost two years, but am getting no where, except that they recently told me that they were going to close my case without telling me where my luggage is or compensating me for it.
I was wondering maybe you know of someone in higher authority or a governmental place where I can file a complaint against these bastards.
From: shireen a
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 12:40 AM

Im an Emirates cabin crew member and have been for the past 2 and half years, ive just been reading some of the comments people have been writing and felt i had to reply!
Firstly id like to say that some of the complaints i totally agree with and im sure id be very pissed off with the way some of the passengers were handled by the ground staff, travel agents etc. however i don't agree with what has been said about the crew.Our main job on board is to get you from A to B safely, we have intense training with includes first aid,fire fighting and all aspects of safety and security. So i can assure you on every flight we do our jobs properly.
In regards to emirates flights always being delayed... has no one ever flown on another airline? i have and in most cases they have always been delayed! its not usually their fault it could be a number of reasons from air traffic control or bad weather! and if its a technical difficulty i know id prefer to wait until they sort it out than fly on an unsafe plane on time!! however saying all of that the number one reason most of out planes are delayed out of dubai is because passengers check in there bags and then don't show up for the flight. i have no idea where they go, maybe they get lost in duty free! but come on guys when you see it says boarding on the TV screen get out of the shops and get to the gate! its not that hard!! we usually wait a while(delaying the flight) for these passengers because they do turn up in their own time but it would take a much longer time to go into the cargo and find their bags to off load!   !
To the lady or gentleman "RAH" who was complaining that on a 50 minute flight they didn't get the water they asked for...for gods sake top of decent is 30 mins after take off(which means we only have 30mins to do the service), we have nearly 300 passengers to feed, set up the carts,give out the trays,collect them again, put the carts away, secure the cabin and galleys for landing so if god forbid there was an emergency landing your footrest you refuse to put up, or your bag you refuse to place under the seat, or your arm rest you wont put down wont get in the way of you or the other passengers getting out of the aircraft in less than 90 seconds! all i can say is we work damn hard and if we don't get you a glass of water its not that we don't want to its because we have 100 other things to be getting on with!!!
Emirates has won a lot of awards and i know because of this the passengers expectations are very high, but please be realistic! when i say we don't have anymore chicken left don't tell me to find some because unfortunately we don't have a chicken farm onboard and i cant jump off the aircraft to the local shop to get you your, tomato ketchup,a toasted sandwich,pot noodles,chinese food and other ridiculous things passengers ask for!
And please please learn some manners, a please and a thank you is music to ours ears! "get me a pepsi" is plain rude!  im not sure where most passengers learnt their english but believe me you'll get your pepsi or 7up a lot quicker if your polite! as my mother taught me "i want" never gets!
and regards to families traveling with infants, would you ever travel on a long car journey without milk or nappies? you are a parent i think your priority is to be prepared for your childs needs it certainly isn't ours! and please change the baby inside the toilet, not on the tray table other passengers will be using on the next flight! and THROW the dirty nappy in the bin! im sure you wouldn't leave it on the side for everyone to see in your own house(well maybe some of you would!)
well i could go on and on and on but im not, its my job and most days i love it! but i hope now you can see why we might seem a bit unhappy at times we arnt only dealing with you, open your eyes abit and see whats going on around you! were not robots but we do try our best and if that's not good enough for you then im sorry. stop complaining we really don't need to hear it!

From: Mohamed MOKADMI
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 9:17 PM
Subject: very bad experience

From: moin.p
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 5:09 AM
Subject: Emirates airlines

Hi Jawad
Hope you can help.
I have had a similar bad experience recently with Emirates - the 'usual' by the sounds of it! Tickets which we thought were confirmed turned out not to be so at checkout, long delays (we eventually secured a flight after 2 nights waiting at the airport), no-one from Emirates was willing to help.
Their attitude was completely unprofessional and unsympathetic.
I am in the middle of writing to them but cannot find their customer services / complaints section email address or postal address in UK.
Would be very grateful if you could provide this for me.
Thank you very much
From: "Victor Lewis" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 7:32 PM
Subject: Travelling by Emirates Airlines


I am planning to travel to Bombay from Boston with my family via Dubai. I
did a search for Emirates Airlines and found this website. Usually you
will see more bad experiences than good in any case. However, lost
bagagage, unconfirmed reservations are a little hard to take from any

Also, I was uncomfortable when I learnt that all these people are trying to
find someone to complain or have complained and have not heard from anyone.

I usually fly Lufthansa to India. They are excellent. This time I plan to
fly via Dubai to visit family. Any suggestions on a good airline other
than Emirates? Any info is appreciated.

Project Manager.

From: steve evans
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 12:09 PM
Subject: my sympathies

Hello Dr Asghar
whilst I have no direct experience of mistreatment by the airline that you mention, I do sympathise with you as I too have experienced the humiliation and feelings of being powerless that you describe. Keep up the good work.
From: Emma Oblak
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 8:44 PM
Subject: My comment....

Dear Sir,
As I happen to see your website, and eager to know what is all about as I was EK crew before. I'd like to make a little comment about what you and some others has writen about EK, I admit that some info. is true and some is a quite exagurated.
As my experience with the passengers on board EK flights, I can say that sometimes the passengers put all of their angers on the cabincrews and treat the crews without RESPECT & humanity, sometimes just because they can't get what they request or demand. As I travel also as a passenger even till today, I understand how hard it is to be a flight attendant. They are submited to stress, fight with time and make an effort to satisfy all passengers. Moreover, cabincrews have to smile even in hard time to all passengers, where sometime they are tired of it, and are NEVER allowed by passengers to be as a human who by nature are not perfect.
At the end I want to say, basicly you should treat other like you want other to treat you. It's just a human law! BUT in anycase as I have been a flightattendant before, eventhough how the passengers treated me wrong, I had to treat them nicely still, except when it was really too much to bear! And that some passengers will never forgive us and understand us that we are a human too.
That's all I want to express myself.
Your sincerely,
From: Allan Slowe
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 5:31 PM

I am living in Doha, Qatar with my family and use Emirates Airlines whenever we can, to fly to our destination.
I must firstly compliment you on "The Best Airline in the World" , it is truly an experience to look forward to when travelling.

One comment that I will make though and it is something that has happened to myself as well as my mother inlaw recently, and a lot of other people specifically on the Johannesburg / Dubai / Qatar leg is this:

We are not told by the booking offices that we can stay in a hotel if the connecting flight is longer than 6 hours. This makes that journey exceptionally tiring (I have spent 8 to 10 hours in Dubai airport between connecting flights) after the overnight flight from JHB to Dubai, and then had to start work on the day arrriving at my destination in Doha. I have spoken to the Emirates crew here in Doha and it seems as if the problem is in South Africa.

I suggest that the satellite offices of Emirates (ie South Africa etc) are instructed to be up front with the passengers and let them know of the hotel facility when the connecting flights are longer than a specific number of hours. Obviously Emirates would endevour to not use this facility by having the connecting flights as short as possible that benefits all parties. I am aware by the way that another flight from Dubai to Doha was set up within the last year that has been a huge help to the SA flight in particular.

I trust that the comment will be reviewed in the right light and actioned accordingly. 

Keep up the excellent service.

Kindest regards,

Allan Slowe
EK 109 456 896
Project Manager
Ph: +974 465 9435
Fx: +974 455 2154

Allan Slowe
Project Manager
Ph: +974 465 9435
Fx: +974 455 2154
Cell:+974 580 3015

From: Maria Attard
Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 4:00 PM
Subject: Ruined Christmas Holidays

Dear Sir/Madam
My husband was supposed to fly from Doha at 3.45am to get the connection from Dubai to Malta but because the flight was delayed indefinite he did not make his connection and to make matters worse he has to travel to Istanbul today 25th December, without being booked in a hotel and wait till tomorrow morning at 6:00am to get a flight to be in Malta.
Emirates have ruined our CHRISTMAS, our son flew from UK to be with his father and all the family today, I hope that my mother- in -law will take it lightly when we tell her because she isn't all that well at the moment.
I am very disappointed with Emirates and I will do sue the airlines for all the agrivations and sadness caused to us today. WE do not want to get on with our Christmas celebrations.
I do hope that Emirates airlines will get to see this letter.
KInd regards
M Attard
From: Andrew Wilcock
Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 1:48 AM
Subject: emirate airlines

            Customer Service            “Lyndene”


Miry Lane,









Dear Sir/ Madam.


Please find enclosed a letter, sent to Emirate Airline following a long haul trip from Australia to Manchester in December this year.


The main crux of the complaint is the way in which the staff of the airline dealt with or more to the point told us nothing less than a pack of lies when ever possible or blamed anyone that they could think of to appease fare paying passengers.


All questions were expertly batted to the side and should be commended for that if nothing else.


I am not one for making a compliant, as we understand that flying from the other side of the world without some slight delay is inevitable in many cases, but it’s that way in which we, the passengers were handled and treat by inconsiderate staff members of Emirate Airline and I am now wondering just how many others have suffered in the same way as ourselves or we the lowly voices in the wilderness.


Yours Sincerely


Andy Wilcock 


    13th December2003

To the person in charge.


On the 14th November 2003 my wife and I left England from Manchester International Airport on board your Emirate flight EK430 to Singapore via Dubai.  At Singapore we changed flights to our final destination Australia on flight EK 431.


This leg of the trip went without any problems or lengthy delays and we landed in Australia on the 16th November 2003.


However the return trip, from Australia to Manchester certainly took away any recognition of the accreditation given to your company how you were ever given the accolade of best airline we will never know, unless only your employees or relatives were asked to make comment or vote on the suggestion that you were better than any other airline and turns this letter from one of compliments to complaints.


The complaints start from the airport at Brisbane.


On checking the flight prior to our arrival at the airport we discovered the flight was slightly delayed from 2015 to 2020 9th December 2003.  On arrival at the airport the time had been delayed still further to 2045.


This should have been a warning for what was about to happen on the whole journey.


There was no information as to the delay given out through the airport on the public address system and once finally on board the aircraft no explanation was given as to the reasons for the flight timing or any offered.  The flight actually took off for Singapore at 2100hrs.  So we were already well behind schedule for the stop off at Singapore.


The flight was uneventful and the cabin staff were pleasant and professional.


On our arrival at Singapore we were informed through the intercom system that the plane was being refuelled and there was to be a cabin staff change.  We were invited to leave the aircraft at this point or remain in your seat and listen to the in flight entertainment until the plane was ready to leave in one hour should anyone wish to do so.  Within seconds of this announcement it was countermanded by “This will be a two hour stop and everyone will have to leave the aircraft.  You will be met at the gate on disembarkation and follow instructions given by the ground staff for your return to the plane”.


We were yet again not told as to the reason for the extension of the stop, from 1hr to 2 hours, bearing in mind that we were on a long haul journey from Australia to Manchester and having a connecting flight from Dubai. The scheduled arrival at Dubai to connect with the flight to Manchester was becoming suspicious.


Having being summoned to return to the departure gate 11/2 hrs after arrival it was a surprise to witness the pilot and first officer casually strolling down the departure lounge carrying personal baggage in the shape of large cardboard tied with pieces of string onto the flight, was this the reason for the delay?


We were duly requested to return to the aircraft after the 1st class and business class of course, we in economy must know our proper place! 


Yet again there was no explanation as to why the stop had been for 2hrs.


Having got well into the flight and about 2hrs from Dubai we asked one of the cabin staff that due to the delay that we had encountered in Singapore will we be able to board the connecting flight to Manchester.


This was met with initially that there would not be a problem, as the flights would be held, as there had been a delay.  A few minutes passed when the staff member returned and informed us that we may have to get a later flight in the day probably in the after noon if the fight had in fact left before we landed.


We had now become to mistrust the words of the cabin staff as they were telling us what we wanted to hear not what was actually happening.


We landed at Dubai at 0800hrs and encountered the longest taxiing by any aircraft.  The only reason we didn’t get into the centre of Dubai was due to the security fencing around the perimeter of the airport!!!.  We passed all the waiting aircraft at the terminal, possibly our connection, who knows and we probably never will beyond the construction site of the new extension beyond the cargo holding area and finally came to rest as mentioned yards from the security fence.  As usual the economy class were held back at the segregation curtain between business and 1st class until they had disembarked into the courtesy bus, funny thing we never saw those people again, all five of them.


On leaving the aircraft we were assured by the cabin crew that the connecting flight to Manchester had been held back and was waiting to receive us on our arrival at the terminal buildings and we would be met by Emirate ground staff who would escort us to the waiting planes.


We boarded the bus and it eventually began to make its way back towards the terminal buildings via Cairo and Baghdad.  I am sure that two camels passed us whilst we were in transit to the buildings, old ones at that, it took us so long.  Mind you travelling the whole way around the outer perimeter fence to check of the strength of the construction was commendable and the driver should be awarded a medal for the longest delay tactic discover by any member of the Emirate staff to date and be in full view of the passengers, although separated by glass, without appearing duly bothered about rising frustration of the passengers.


Well we finally arrived at the terminal buildings and disembarked from the bus to be met by; well I think you are even into the swing of by now, not one member of the Emirate staff.  One male stood nearby swinging a bunch of keys on a chain and a lady possibly cleaner standing close to the entrance looking disinterested.


On entering the terminal I searched the television displayed for the flight EK 17 and none was displayed.  The truth the hit us the flight to Manchester had not been held back and had taken off some time previous, most likely on time and proves one thing that the customer focus training all Emirate staff attend must be the best in the world for lying in the face of all customers without flinching or showing any emotion. 


Where was the staff that we had told would meets us?  Where were we to go to find out what was to happen?  Lots of questions, but no answers.  On finding an Emirates office close by I enquired as top the situation regarding the flight that had supposedly being held and what arrangement had been made to locate another flight back to the UK. This was met by the question, “Who sent you to this office. You should not be here but at gate 18.”  All staff in the office had the same attitude, not their problem, leave the office now and find out for yourselves.


On getting to the transfer desk “B” by self-help we were met by the same couldn’t careless attitude as encountered before.  Two counter staff were trying to accommodate a large number of people trying to find answers to questions regarding the search for another flight.  Two males appearing to be supervisors kept appearing from their hiding place in an office demanding to check a few boarding cards in disbelieve that we were there in the first place.  But they knew of the numbers of passengers left stranded or most certainly should have known, unless they were caught up in there own web of deceit and weren’t told at all, now there’s a thought!


At last we presented ourselves to the counter staff and informed that the next flight was at 1515.  No apologies forth coming of this one that’s for sure.  On the question of having had to suffer the delay of the flight, not our fault, could we be up rated.

The request was put forward as calmly as possible considering that we have already being travelling for a total of 17hrs    “This will have to done on the aircraft by the cabin crew”, she responded without any eye contact,  “as I am not able to”, or more likely not willing to do any thing for you, This lady achieved at the Emirate Airline further education centre with honours, in the category of, not doing anything for passengers, well I almost forgot fare paying passengers, to be obstructive at all costs and not appear helpful in the face of all.


We eventually, following a hard negotiation, obtained two vouchers for the use of the telephone and a meal voucher.  What about a hotel room for a shower and somewhere to rest?  You must be joking!!!(Unless you want to pay the going rate.)


Finally flight EK 19 a re-scheduled flight took to the air on or around 1515. Well if this one was late there would be something wrong, the blasted aircraft was on the tarmac all day at gate 26 and re-scheduled from an hour previous, not learned from the obstructive Emirate staff but from one of the passengers returning to Manchester following a two-week package holiday in Dubai.


On enquiring as to the availability of an upgrade as some way to offer compensation we were duly informed that we should have made enquires at the transfer desk prior to our embarkation onto the aircraft. 


This flight was full to the brim, all except for the 1st and business class of course, but we had now become to regard this situation with the spare seats as the normal thing.


The rest of the flight was made, as long haul passengers on the rescheduled flight, with refreshments served as and when available from the cabin crew and not as a matter of course as on long haul.


By this time we had been travelling for a total of 23hrs and the prospect of a further 7hrs flying to Manchester would bring us up to 30hrs on the move.


We were exhausted and simply wanted to get off the flight a soon as possible and to forget Emirate all together.


There are a number of questions that were never answered either by cabin staff or ground staff.  When an answer was offered it turn out to be a lie, or should a say a vast conservation of the truth.


I would like the answer then to the following questions.


1 Why was there a delay in the flight take off from Brisbane?


2 Why was there a change in the stop off at Singapore from 1hr to 2hrs?


3 Why were we not informed on leaving Singapore that the connecting flight would not be held until our arrival at Dubai?


4 Why were we lied to on leaving the aircraft at Dubai about the holding of the connecting flights?


5 Where was the ground staff at Dubai to take us through to the transfer desk as promised by the cabin crew?


6 Why were we met with belligerence by all ground staff at the transfer desk at Dubai?


7 Why complementary washing/showering facilities were not offered at Dubai?


8 How am I able to claim back the cost of the shower from Emirate?


I am not usually drawn to correspondence as a general rule but on this occasion I feel that we have been very poorly treated by what is regarded by some as the best long haul airline and totally let down and shoddily dealt with as a” fare paying passenger”, as at times I did wonder if I had paid at all.


Oh, by the way, just exactly did you (Emirate) get the award for the best operators in air transport?

From discovering and reading a web site in America regarding Emirate Airline and the number of complaints far out weighing the comments of satisfied customers I submit this letter of complaint for your attention and expect in return to have the entire number questions answered.


A copy of this letter has been sent to the “BBC Watchdog” programme in England, whether you are aware of this programme matters not, but it examines various complaints made against companies giving customers less than what is to be expected.


Two very dissatisfied customers, never to fly Emirate again




From: "Furrukh Khan" <>

To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 3:44 PM
Subject: Emirates

Hi Jawad,

I have had a nightmarish experience with the Emirates airlines and I was
wondering if you would have the address or contact information of the
CEO/President of Emirates airlines that I could send my letter of complaint
to. I will also send a copy to your website.

Many thanks


Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 1:33 AM

I got your email fromone of the postings regarding the emirates bad experience ..
We lost our baggage and it's been a week.
Can you please advice us on how to get our bags back from emirates..
I called the emirates office at NY and they were rude and din't respond properly.

From: "Tom Mann" <>

To: <>
Cc: "Tom Mann" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2003 8:57 PM
Subject: Your trip on Emirates Airlines

> Just surfing the web and came across your report of horror and advice
> about flying.  Amazing.....thanks for the article..
> Tom Mann
> Raleigh, N. C.
From: Naveed Saeed
Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2003 1:00 AM
Subject: Name an airline that doesnot hav a problem

I just happen to look for Emirates, because i like the airline.
Instead i got your site-explaining about your meager ordeal on emirates.
My friend, i took time to read your compliant because your name tells that we share a common motherland.
i wish the complaint i read was from some other national, not from a national from my home land and on top a muslim.
I can see thru the problem of the muslim ummah right within your letter, my friend, that me and I, me and I me and I has lead us down and today the muslims are in a condition that you and i know very well...
I know you and other dear friends suffered greatly on the hands of the emirates or the other airlines.... but say Allah SWT shukar that you are still livingand can breath air, look at so many muslims in front of our eyes who lost there life
for absolutely no reason and logic in Iraq, Afganistan Yugoslavia Kashmir India -so on and so forth- I wish your pen or mind put some thoughts together on a more productive subject than rather defaming one of our own countries assets whether it be airline or people.
Please be productive in the future- specially you are a doctor( i think) or a educational professor).
Think big my friend, dont pay attention to your hardships and worries- learn to ignore and forgive- just imagine the kind of patience Rasool Allah SAW demonstrated, today you can see  his reward that people entering and knowing about Islam on all seven continents and establish the dicipline taught by islam day and night... 
We can succeed further and educate and touch others  if we can learn to survive, learn to be patient and learn to forgive ..
Allah SWT will make you a bigger person indeed and inturn change many hearts and minds and thus nations towards Islam. 
Just small thoughts from a muslim brother.......
From: Padma, Srikant
To: ''
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 3:24 AM
Subject: Problems with Emirates Airlines

Reasons not to travel with Emirates -


I traveled from US -à London (Gatwick) à Dubai à Hyderabad ( India ) with out any problems. I traveled with 2 kids aged 18 months and 6 years. On my way back couple of weeks before starting back from India I went to Emirates Airlines city office to confirm my tickets and get a transit Visa for Dubai because of the stay over. They were able to reconfirm my tickets and gave me a hotel voucher and transit visa for Dubai . We all went to the airport at 8:00 am (the departure time is 10:00 am ). One of the Emirates ground staff came up to me and said that if I was a Green Card holder in USA I would need a transit visa to go through London if I did not have the card itself. I told him that my passport was stamped and I got my Green card on Oct 24th, 2003 and showed him a letter from BCIS (formerly known as INS) that my Green Card has been approved. He said that he cannot allow our family to travel on the flight and said that I will have to either wait till I get a transit visa to travel through London or I can go their office and get the tickets rerouted. After spending $450 I got rerouted through Paris for a plane departing at 4:15 am next day. To get rerouted I had to go straight from the airport and sit in their office for 4-5 hours without lunch or a drink.

The flight got delayed starting from Hyderabad , then in Dubai and in Paris we literally had to run, catch a bus and then rush to the terminal. After all this they lost all our bags. American Airlines officials told me that they are having to deal constantly with Emirates Airlines about this issue.

Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 7:30 PM
Subject: emirates is terrible

I just got back from my trip and the entire Emirates experience was a disaster.  Emirates lost my luggage both to and from Dubai.  They tried to charge me $450. USD for an extra bag that was just 2 kilos.    The ground staff was rude and beligerant the entire trip.  I did like the air crew though.  I found them to be hospitable and empathetic toward the behavior of their colleagues.
From: "weird warlock" <>
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Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 12:32 PM
Subject: Emirates Airlines

> A few months back I travelled on EK from Chennai,
> India to Dubai and thereafter to Sydney. I have
> nothing but praise for the wonderful cabin staff. The
> staff were courteous and always had a smile. Long
> hauls onboard an aircraft is never easy for anyone but
> a good cabin crew do make a difference. Thank you
> Emirates.

From: "kiril atanassov" <>
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Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2003 7:43 PM

> are pouters!!!!!!! There isn`t an airline which is perfekt...Emirates has its disadvantages but in comparison with other major airlines Emirates is the best!!! Why has Emirates won so many awards?? Just look at statics and you will see that Emirates are always on the first place!!! It is the best and I wish it all the best in future!!!!! KEEP DISCOVERING
From: Chris Robeson
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 9:09 AM
Subject: Really people..

No airline is perfect, from the US to africa or india or anywhere.. Shit happens with airlines, always has, always will.. Here's some advice..
From: estone
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 4:37 PM
Subject: HELP!

I write this as I have just received news that my parents are at this moment with 40 other people who were supposed to be flying to th uk have been passed around Jeddah airport and have been refused to fly with this disaster of an air line, which gave no logical explanation as to why they all in the last minuet have been refused to fly. These people have been at the airport in Jeddah for the past 48HRS demanding an explanation but having no joy.
If anyone can help please reply, however if you get this message a week later hopefully things would be sorted but always remember to pay a little extra to another airline and

From: "Mansoor Ahmed Khan" <>
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Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 3:39 PM
Subject: an experience with emirates

Dear Jawad, Assalamo Alaikum
fortunately I got an oppertunity by finding this website to share my
experience with you. This is absolutely true about Emirates that this
airline is been lost in quality, standard of care and treatment. I
travelled on twice occasions with Emirates; once for Umrah and other to UK
(both are recent within 4 months period) and I suffered a lot. The crew on
board particularly the male staff was non sympathetic with the passengers,
and their attitude was so bed as if they were taking the passengers on
charity basis. The worst experience I got when I was going to fly to UK with
my family. I had booked the seat at least one month in advance and had
already confirmed it. I had taken leaves from my job here in uk and I had to
join my job the next day I was going to arrive at UK. When I reached the
Karachi airport with my family one hour before the scheduled flight time but
I was surprised to find that they had closed the check in, and the co
ordinators or managers there told that as we were "late" so they had given
our seat to others in waiting, when I told them that I have a confirm seat
since one month in advance, he did not put any attention to that and said he
will not allow us to go by this flight and probably we could go by the next
flight at another day. You can imagine how frustated I would be knowing that
I had to join my duty in UK next day and I was with my family and with all
my luggage. AAh you donot know how much I begged him to give us the seat. I
never felt so humiliated in my life as  I did suffered on that day in my own
city, my own country and a muslim airline. I can never forget those moments
which have produced so deep impressions on my heart and my mind. I always
see myself begging worse than a begger in front of those stiff neck officers
for mercy although I was not supposed to do so. The male crew in my Umrah
visit was some english persons, so I gave them the advantage of being under
the influence of superiority complex, but what happend to those stiff neck
officers, who were all Pakistanis. I donot know I try not to recall thos
moments but they are inserted deeply in my memory and in the bottom of my
heart. I prey for every one not to come across such an experience. I wish if
I could send these few words to the higher management of Emirates which at
the monment, lokks to be either in deep sleep or probably thinking of not to
continuing the service.
I wish May Allah save us from these kind of people and from this kind of
service (Aameen)

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan

From: Eleni Savva
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 2:48 PM
Subject: Customer service what a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am so pissed with the Emiraters air line of CYPRUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These so called Europeans are a disgrace to the Eiropean society!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok to get to the point I am getting married in South Africa in December so I shall be carring my wedding dress They refuse to HELP in ANY WAY I am not even allowed to take it on boared in a suit bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I requested to pay for more weight allowance of 10kg that they frequently give to their friends EVEN That they REFUSED!!





From: ": 0" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 1:44 PM
Subject: Emirates complaints

Hi to everyone who has posted a complaint on this website,

First of all I would like to say that if you are going to lodge a complaint
on an Internet site that can be seen around the world before you post it how
about you check your spelling, especially of the airline you are complaining
about. I really don't see how Emirates is so hard to spell and how do you
expect to be taken seriously when you can't spell basic words?

Another thing I would like to bring to your attention is that airlines don't
get voted as Airline of the Year for their marketing campaigns. Thousands of
people vote for this award every year. Emirates have obviously earned the
respect of many to have won this prestigious award. They have also won over
200 international awards for excellence as well as airline of the year, this
doesn't happen to "bad" airlines.

As for the service you people claim to have received, did you ever think
that it may have been a result of you (the passengers) attitude? The Cabin
Crew and Ground Crew who you have all claimed have been rude and
unprofessional are employed to provide fantastic service, provide a safe
environment and serve you (the paying customer). The sort of people who are
employed by Emirates (a fantastic airline) don't fit the criteria of being
rude, unapproachable or ignorant. The numerous times I have dealt with
Emirates staff they have been extremely helpful and have gone out of their
way to assist me.

There are thousands of airlines in flight as we speak, to have every single
flight go without a hitch would be impossible. There will always be slight
delays here and there. If you bother to think outside the square you are in
you may realise that these delays aren't always the airline you are
travelling with's fault. Especially London Heathrow of all places, the
busiest airport in the world, the people behind the scenes do a fantastic
job to get each flights baggage into the terminal with minimal waiting

As for service in the air, please remember next time you are onboard that
there are also usually over 200 other people on board with you and everyone 
deserves the same service not just you. If you expect top quality service
spend that bit extra and travel First Class. Don't live on a beer budget and
expect champagne service. Also spare a thought for the Cabin Crew who is
serving you. They have often been in the air for numerous hours, on their
feet, serving demanding people like yourselves. They are not mindreaders and
do their best to serve the passengers efficiently and to the best of their

So next time you travel try to be courteous and you may be surprised at how
far this will get you. Im not trying to imply that everyone who has
complained has been rude but 99% of the time that is the reason for bad
service. If you think Emirates are rude, have any of you travelled Air

Some things for you to think about........

Emirates Fan.

From: "Enam Karim" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 7:34 PM
Subject: Emirates Airlines

Thank you for posting your experience on the web. It has cautioned me and made me prepared for what may happen in a trip using these middle eastern airlines. I am not surprised as I know the natures of those people. They mistreat people from Indo-Pak subcontinent and lick the boots of westerners. I am glad you launched a campaign against them and I hope they read it and correct themselves. I have used Gulf Air and Emirates in the past but I guess I was fortunate not encounter something like what you experienced.

Enam Karim
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 2:10 PM
Subject: ok

Good for you, stick to your guns with Emirates, i hope you win. im flying Emirates to OZ next month, as i thought they  were above reproach, apparently not. i did fly once before, from Dubai to Athens 7 or 8 years ago, i found them very good then. I shall be wary this time.  Best of luck in your struggle with them, & i hope you have a satisfactory outcome
                                                                                       john macdonald

Dear Sir,

It is unfortunate that Emirates website do not provide an opportunity
for passengers to let them know what went wrong during their flights.
Recently, I took Emirates to travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prior to my
return on 12 October (EK 337) to Dubai and from their with JAT to
Belgrade, I went to Emirates office in Dhaka. I was looking for
accommodation in Dubai while I am on transit for 7 Hrs .55 minutes.
First of all, Emirates representatives on the counter said no way I can
expect an accommodation (he thought I was looking for free
accommodation). I said to him, look I am not a new traveller, I know
what I can expect and what I can not. I am looking for accommodation
and I will pay for it. He said it is also not possible. Then, I said
could you please send a request to Dubai and I will check it upon
arrival. He declined to do that  even. Then while I was getting my
boarding pass, I requested for an  isle seat and I was told it is okay.
When I was inside the aircraft, I found a middle seat. I mentioned this
two issues to one of the cabin crew. He was kind enough and brought his
boss to me to explain what happened with me. I explained to that
gentleman and he said he will pass a message to the Dubai airport
through pilot to assist me in finding accommodation for that transit
period. When I was going out of the plane in Dubai, that gentle man (I
suppose Snr.Cabin Crew) introduced me with an emirates attendant at the
gate and said this is the person for whom we sent the message. This
lady told me, yes we arranged accommodation for you , please check with
the desk, they will guide you. For next two hours, I tried to find out
in those so called desk (level-3) and information office without any
success. Then information desk sent me to the  duty officer near gate
23. Anyway, there was no body there at that late hour.

So I gave up my search to get a place out of the airport  to sleep for
that 8 hrs.

Hope, Emirates takes note of such services and try to improve.

Sajal Gupta
United Nations,
Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro

From: Ninans
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 8:44 PM
Subject: Riyadhi experience from EK

Accidentally I stumbled upon this site and as a matter of fact I had just returned from a Middle East trip, which took me to a few countries in that part of the world. It was my first round trip with Emirates (EK). I had seen reams of advertisements of Emirates in the leading magazines and I heard a lot about its services. I have nothing against this airline and I was in fact happy to have got the opportunity to travel by this airline and experience it myself.
Jakarta- Dubai was a great flt. It was while in Riyadh that I for the first time started wondering at the quality of this widely acclaimed(??)  airline's service level. First I went to a travel agent's office and sought his help to reconfirm my seat thinking they may have their trade lines between them and various airlines and I could get it done fast. He was trying for so long just because I could strike up an instant rapport with that guy. In the end of his 10-15 minutes of constant trials he regretted as he had to get on with his other regular work and he wished me luck on my mission, which later turned out to be one of impossible.  Then,  I was trying to call this airline since morning just to reconfirm the ticket and I had tried at different, different intervals and almost constantly it was engaged. On few occasions when I got through it was the recorded message saying that all the counter staff were busy and could not attend me and please call back later. Well, " my head was already under their armhole" ; to use a better phrase! I never got through to them. But luckily there was some change in my travel plans and instead of going to Jeddah and Damam by  EK,  I could cancel that and switched to Saudia Airlines and flew directly from Riyadh to Kuwait on 2nd Oct '03. 
But the fact remains, how can such a seemingly great airlines that boast about their services and "Sheikhy" treatment could dole out such pathetic ground services. As it is, Saudi Arabia is a funny place with regard to its working hours and work ethics.  On top of that in such service oriented industry as airlines if they "maintain" such poor services for the traveling foreign people with no Arabic knowledge and no geographical clue of the local topography and yet are forced to go in search of the Emirates office just to get the ticket reconfirmed is too callous and cruel on the part of the airlines. Shame on you.
I have seen so many such experiences here and yet no improvement from their side. Are they awre of such a site and I wish somebody who has got some shame and head on his shoulders could read these and act accordingly.
Mathew Ninan.



From: Rashid Salim
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 6:25 PM

I also had a bad experienced  with the ground staff of emirates in Muscat Air port- 2  women -- One  and the other middle aged in the category of surprvisors- These women are rude and don't care about the customers. They think they are on top of every thing by being surpvisors-- I think emerates if it wants to improve its services it should remove such punks from the public and just employ them as laggage counters.
From: finding nemo
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 9:12 PM
Subject: comment about emirates

hello mr.jawad
i would like to say how wonderful the emirates airlines are
it it the best airline in the world and since i am a muslim it fells like you really are one on your airlines
the emirates plane movies food airhostesses duty free are all great
sincerly nusayba anjarwalla
From: irene fernandez
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 7:57 AM
Subject: emirates - a nightmare!

read your article... gosh! me too just got back from a glorious vacation - back to bombay with emirates. i am trying to get to place a complaint, but there seems to be no email id to send to to the h.o.. i have sent it to their local office here in mumabi. if i may share it with you.
do you have any idea how i could send this out?
- irene

(P.S.: The Emirates mishap is not new in the family, by the way. I also wish to bring to your notice that this is the second occurrence of incompetence and ignorance on the part of Emirates. This incident happened 3 years ago to my sister on her return journey from Gatwick London. The Emirates office in London reconfirmed her return ticket with a wrong timing, which was 12 hours later than when the actual flight took off. As a result of which, when checking in at Gatwick Airport she was informed that the flight had already taken off 12 hours earlier! She had to spend 12 hours at Gatwick Airport for the counter to open the next morning! When approached with the then Executive in your office in Nariman Point, she was not attended to well as there happened to be a change in staff in that particular month. Nobody attended her or even bothered to reply to her letters and phone calls.

 Now there is a law – DO NOT FLY EMIRATES, EVER – and it goes without saying among friends and family!!!)


Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 1:48 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Dear Jawad:
       I read bad experience with this terrible air lines, and if it wasn't that I had a pad experience with Emirates airlines, I would not believe what your are saying.  But my experience with this air lines totally confirms your argument.  I lost my bags in Dubai airport and when I tried to contact their office in NY, USA a British lady came on the line to teach me how to speak and how to be civil, I find my self after ten days of loosing my bags that their main office in Dubai is not responding to any E-mail and their office in NY is hanging up on me after waiting for almost 30minutes on line.  They are extremely rude.
this is becoming a full time job for me trying to locate my bag or even to file a bag lost report.
I really want to file a complain, but I want to make sure that who ever I complaining to can put my bad experience in the record in order for this airline to be removed form the first award crap.

I appreciate in you can give me more info on who we can complain to.

From: Ganesh Vishwakarma
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2003 4:10 PM
Subject: Bad experience with Emirates
            Dear Mr Jawad,

            I also once had a very bad experience with Emirates Airlines.

I had on 4th June ’03 unfortunatly  travelled by the Emirates flight no.EK-513/ EK-073  from Delhi to Paris via Dubai. I was by mistake carrying a Swiss knife in my hand baggage. It was checked by the security staff at Delhi airport and we were informed by them that since any type of sharp objects were not permitted in the hand baggage during flight, it will  be kept in the custody of the flight staff and will be handed over to us at our destination.It was sealed in my presence and I was  issued a recipt against which we could get back the item at Paris. 

But, on arrival at Paris and producing the recipt at the Emirates airport office, the Emirates staff  returned the same envelope but was torn on one side and the swiss knife missing. On bringing it to the notice of the staff, they showed there helplessness in the matter and asked me to complain at their Delhi airport office. They also refused to register a complaint and said the best they could do was that they could acknowledge on the empty envelope thet it was received empty, which they did.

With this empty envelope, on my return to Delhi on 19th June‘03, I contacted the Emirates Airport Service Manager Mr.S.Parti, at the airport and lodged a written complaint. This officer, then promised me to look into the matter and said would inform me accordingly. After 25 days I have received a regret letter that they have failed to locate it and are helpless in compensating for it either.

The letter reads as follows.

“ We regret to advice you that since the missing item is a security item, Emirates is not liable for security items. Regret, we are unable to offer you any compensation for the security item you reported as missing”.

Had I  known about their unprofessionalism and  carelessness, I would have shifted the item into my baggage.

I really regret to have travelled by Emirates and also object to their misleading slogan  that Emirates is a World class Airline.



Ganesh Vishwakarma

Assistant General Manager

Coke Ovens & Coal Chemicals Department,

Bhilai Steel Plant,




From: "sajimon nair" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2003 12:10 PM
Subject: complint aganist Emirates airlines

Dr Sajeev Sukumaran Nair,
Sajees, Mangalassery Lane,
Pappanamcode.P.O, Trivandrum,
Kerala, India.

Sir/ Madam,

I was a passenger of Emirates flight from Dubai to Cochin, AI 6530 on
22/7/2003 at 3.50 AM, PNR No. HCJM.
I had booked my ticket with Air India for 23/7/2003. Because of some
personal reasons I had it advanced to 22/7/2003 on the above-mentioned
flight. I had confirmed and reconfirmed my ticket with Air India office
before entering the airport.
But at the counter where the boarding passes are issued, I had a very
harrowing and disgusting experience. The lady who was sitting at the counter
mentioned that the ticket is not confirmed and referred me to another lady
(who was the flight-in-charge). But on checking the computer my name and
details were present as a confirmed passenger.  In spite of my several
requests the flight-in-charge refused to issue me the boarding pass. She
asked me to meet the Air India officials, out side the security check-area
of the airport. Carrying all my baggage, I ran out to the Air India office,
which was closed at that time. I got a print out from the Emirates ticket
counter and again met the flight-in-charge. She still refused to issue me
the boarding pass and asked me to get another print out (the reason for
which, I don't know).
So after the 3rd security check, I reached the counter and met the
flight-in-charge. This time she herself made some alterations in my ticket
and asked me to wait for 5 minutes. For one hour I was made to stand in
front of the counter, eagerly waiting and under tremendous mental strain.
(If I miss the flight I will have to stay in the airport for next 36 hours
without food and accommodation, as I was not carrying enough money). Finally
she issued me the boarding pass at 3.15 AM.
I am terribly disappointed by this service, because of 2 reasons -
1) Even though I was having all the requirements, I was denied the boarding
pass for almost 2 hours with out any valid or genuine reasons, causing
considerable mental stress and nervous break down.
2) There were no higher officials of Emirates in the airport or outside
accessible at that time, whom I could repot this incident and get the
remedial measures done.
Hence I request you to take necessary actions, so that in future, such
officials will not harass passengers like me. Even though I do not have any
personal grudge against anybody, I feel humiliated and insulted by the
manner in which the flight-in-charge was shouting on my face, since as a
doctor I am not used to such a treatment (except from some occasional
psychiatric patient).
Requesting timely action against such errant and misbehaved officials,
Anticipating a reply,
Thanking you,
With regards,

Dr Sajeev. S. Nair.

From: elena romero
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 11:23 AM

Being a cabin crew member for an airline in Australia, I know how hard it can be for cabin crew.  Passengers do not understand we are an airline not a supermarket or deli where we provide milk, nappies, a la carte menus!!  Think about it we are catered for a particular flight time we carry milk for coffee and tea not for feeding children, Bring your own Milk!!  Did you think of that one??  Everybody knows children need to be fed on take off and landing to help with their ears and what did you think we have an endless supply of milk to hand out??  Oh yeah and maybe when a paying customer asks for a coffee we will say no because there is no milk left because we had to feed the children on this flight.  Again, if we give you that milk every man and his dog would want that service too.  I think you need to plan your flight better especially when travelling with infants.  We are not there as babysitters buddy so I think you are very much in the wrong!!

From: "Tai Tze" <>

To: <>
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 12:55 PM
Subject: Emirates is a shame

I am glad that there is such website that cherished
the freedom of speech! Being a frequent flyer to
numerous airlines its great to have found out that
this site were for people like us who could sent our
grievances and bad experience with the Emirates
Airline. I totally agreed with those who have had
encountered bad experiences with Emirates
Airline.Being a frequent flyer here means that I flew
at least once a month to and fro from a destination
with minimum 3-16 hours flying time. As for the fans
of Emirates, I think they are either staff/family
members/locals of the national airline and they do not
know/ignored how bad actually the service quality were
provided by this so called awarded as excellency of
blah blah blah...I think they should be awarded as
"The most disgraceful airline"! I seriously think they
don't deserved the excellency award and does not
believe in such ratings anymore cos most of the time
it is not true!  Emirates fans instead of venting
their angers towards the public who dare to voice out
their opinions and frustrations they should try to
understand and hopefully that the Emirates airline
management/staff will improve to continuosly gain back
their reputations. Reputations should be gained from
the public and not from certain elite or first class
Good service quality should be given to all, albeit
Economy, Business or First class passenger. All
passenger who are from different races/backgrounds
have to pay to fly to their destinations and due to
the competition of other airlines, I guess excellence
service will be the main factor that a consumer is
looking for. If good service is only given to the
First class and Business class then I guess the
airline will not be able to survive or goes bangkrupt
as nobody will fly Economy class. One should take
consideration of the demand and supply curve with the
price as the main factor and you will be able to see
that profit comes most of the time from the economy
class and its not worth flying if only the
First/Business class seats were filled up. Of course,
if one is a First class or Business class passenger
than better service quality should be given to them
but it doesn't mean that the crew/ground staff have
the right to treat the Economy class passenger badly!
Even the price of one or two Economy flight ticket
could be equivalent of the crew/ground staff monthly
salary so damn it who are they to look down or
arrogant and rude to the Economy class passenger? Bare
in mind that the passengers are the actual "Pay
Master" and not the Emirates Airline!! If there's
no/not enough consumer for the airline do the staff
think that they will still get paid or being sacked???
Despite the opinion above I also notice that sometimes
certain races (locals/westerner) were given priorities
and with a soft spoken manner and a smile on the face
while the other races were treated rudely. The Asians
are the one that is always being treated rudely. The
preferred race doesn't mean that they are more wealthy
(which there is nothing to be gained from anyway for
goodness sake!!!!) or will give the crew/ground staff
extra tips!!! So why the different treatments? Is it
because the Asians are easier to bully or to vent off
their anger out of their chest? I do not see why the
differences and in this civilized century (I don't
think Dubai emirates is civilized yet and its known
for being racists!) everyone should be treated
equally. How would one feel if he or she being treated
the same bad manner because of their skin colour? I
hope Emirates Airline is not a racists airline! In
fact an example that I encountered was I do not see
why the locals should be given the priority without
queing up like the rest of the civilized passengers
were doing? The ground staff should request them to
que up but instead checked him in with a smiling face
and the poor guy who were being cut cue at was a
Pakistani/Indian (Asian) who does not have the nerve
to voice out and being bullied! Well, I feel that
Emirates airline should try to improve and feel
grateful that there are still some good samaritans out
there who dare to voice out their complaints and still
give the airline a chance to improve rather than just
banned/blacklisted the airline. Being nice doesn't
means that one is easy to be bullied or taken for
granted for. So instead of being adamant, Emirates
Airline should try to listen and rectify or improve
the problems. There are opinions means there are still
passengers flying with Emirates. Good Luck Emirates
Airline as not to go in to bankruptcy! (And I believe
it won't if the government is subsidizing!)

An avid Emirates hater as well!!!     


From: Marjorie
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 3:59 PM
Subject: Re: Emirates

Dear Jawad,
I have spent months trying to follow up on UNFAIR  and UNETHICAL practice issue with Emirates and one of its Travel agents in Oman. Its almost going for a year now, and am fighting tirelessly, whether there will be justice, its still  to be seen.
I'm  a South African living and working in Oman and I've been traveling  Emirates since I've been in this country which really means I"M A FREQUENT FLIER, and just to add more cherry , The so called WORLD class airline, has surely benefited  financially from my participation, no doubt about that.
Last year in April I booked a flight to Johannesburg from Muscat with one of Oman's reputable travel agents "Shanfari Travel", and  as usual you beg them to fax you  the confirmation slip and   all in vain , and  a few days before my travel, I sent someone to collect my ticket and oops! the travel arrangements were wrong and I sent it back.
Little did I know that this error was going to be a major problem to me later.
I was due to return on the 5th September, but I had commitments, so I telephonically contacted Emirates Air office in Johannesburg to make the necessary changes, and to book me for the following day on the 6th September.
Ofcourse I made these changes a week in advance and all was fine and I was booked for the 6th Sept. I kept on calling to confirm that all was ok.
 On the 6th  Sept in the morning I went to the Emirates office to have them verify everything and make necessary adjustments as usual on the ticket, confirm my connecting flight and so on, and GUESS WHAT?
I was told by a very courteous lady that "sorry but your ticket is INVALID" and you can't fly, you have been sold an invalid ticket, so you have to purchase another one. I  smiled, thinking she was just making a joke, and NO, she was serious. I think I went BLANK for 30seconds.
I was told to buy another ticket or I just can't fly!
I couldn't believe that Emirates and its agent would do anything of this nature, I mean I  had paid for the ticket and that's all I knew.
I  then requested the lady to find out from the Emirates office in Muscat why I was sold an invalid ticket, and how much was I suposed to pay and why, and kindly, she began sending faxes or telexes to Muscat office, and I sat there  until they closed, hoping to get some information, and eventually I was told to go home and call again first thing in the morning, or I could take a chance and go  to the airport and wait there, just in case the reply arrives late, I did, and came back with nothing.
I spent four days going up and down  daily to the airport  hoping for some luck, phoned the Emirates office in Johannesburg daily for a response from Muscat but ZERO.
Meanwhile I tried buying another ticket from other airlines as I was desperate to go back to work , but they were far too expensive and I didn't have the funds too.
On the 5th day I went to Emirates office again, and found the reply that said I  had to pay another Omani Riyals 64 (ZAR 1728.00) and this I did.
By this time all flight were full and couldn't get a seat.
Anyway, eventually I got to Muscat and had to face yet the worst.
 Now, usually the   university I work for, demand a copy of your ticket on your return to prove that you had been out of the country, and that you  left  the country at a time acceptable to the conditions as laid down by the university, and failure to do so leads to very serious consequences.
Now in my case I can only fly in the evenings as I'm not allowed to fly in the evenings due to the kind of shift I do (office hours) However,  because the travel agent had initially given me a wrong departure time which they later corrected, but THIS correction only reflected on the first stub, so the duplicate one still retained the incorrect time, so I was told I had cheated! I immediately asked the agent to fax me a copy of my travel arrangements to proof that, she promised but never did, she said that they delete all information the moment the customer gets the ticket, UTTER RUBBISH! So I DIDN'T"T get a salary for that month of September, and because of the delay caused by the invalid ticket, 7 days salary was deducted from my salary.
I immediately called the  manager of Shanfari travel, and demanded to see him so that he could explain why they had put me into such hassles, went to see him the following day in the office, and when I asked why they sold me an invalid ticket he said the ticket WAS GIVEN TO THEM BY EMIRATES and they didn't know it was invalid, hmm! who should know here!
My argument was, I bought it from his office, and therefore I demand a  refund including my lost salary and all the inconvenience caused. I gave him a complaint letter which I had already prepared, and I told him that I wanted urgent response or else I'll contact IATA and the Travel Press, as I can't understand why the agent couldn't notice that the ticket she sold me was invalid.
He then quickly said he was going to give me a refund of  the ticket  only from petty cash, but I REFUSED that on principle.
Later I got a letter from another guy also claming to be a manager and we've had a tug of war ever since.
I then began making my own investigations on how to expose them. Talked to some legal patient of mine who  took his own time because it was already RAMADAN and period in the Middle East,  its a GO SLOW MONTH in business as usual.
After Eid he came back to me to say before I go to the press, I should speak to the CEO of Shanfari travel, as he has spoken to him already, and that he would resolve the matter, So I thought that's fine.
I called the CEO and mentioned  what my problem was , he sounded not well informed about it , so an appointment was set for us to meet.
A day before our meeting, I received yet another letter and a call from Shanfari manager saying he was sending someone with a cheque of Omani Riyal 64 only from Emirates airlines and that they are sorry. I replied , I'm also sorry,  'cause the problems you have put me in are worth more than that. However when the messenger arrived with the said letter, I noticed the signature of the CEO I had an appointment with, and I decided I wasn't going to waste my time with him because as far as I was concerned he knew about the case and obviusly  was the one who endorsed whatever. So I called the secretary immediately, and cancelled the appointment. 
I then followed up by sending him an email explaining why I couldn't see him. he confessed and said that usually he just signs believing that his managers had done the correct thing, and he realized then that it wasn't so, and asked me to come and see him.
I was already on my way home for vacation, so I went to see him on my return im May 2003.
At the meeting he had the Shanfari travel agency manager with him and  they said they were going to invite the Emirates manager  and another meeting was scheduled.
Few weeks ago we met again, and the Emirates manager without any remorse told me that the INVALID ticket was just a Technical error and she was sorry. She asked me to accept the 64 Riyals again and I refused.
I asked her one simple question, " if at the end of the month you find that your salary on the computer transcript shows ZERO, no salary, are you going to sit back and smile and say its just a technical fault , or are you going to follow up immediately"?
She just went dumb!  She  said that I should let them know when next I would be traveling so that they could upgrade me to First class, I said,  well, I can afford to pay extra50Riyals, if I wanted first class, but they owe me much mre than that.
Then she asked me to write another letter to Emirates,and I said for now I'm sorry, you get  my money including salary or I go ahead to other resources, press , name it.
I called her last week and she told me she has sent a letter to Emirates head office.
What do you think, what's your advice?
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 6:05 PM
Subject: re:emirates airlines!!!!

i have also had major problems with this airline,
they are an absolute disgrace, & should not be allowed to operate...

From: "Richard Armitrage" <>

To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 3:40 PM

Hi all,

I have regularly travelled with this airline as both a student and for
business purposes.
Never once have I received any problems.
As for the arrogance of the 'white' people to prefer only their 'white'
music on another airline, that is sheer stupidity. You are paying the better
price for a flight which has far deeper roots than your own nation and which
has a culture of their own, so please respect their music, language and is only fair, right?

For the moron who carries jewellery worth any amount, I am astonished you
give out your e-mail address in pure innocence. If only, you really read the
kind instructions or warnings of certain items not to be included within
checked luggage. Apparently, your depth of international travelling
experience did not pay off or your 'Delsey' bag forget to come with a
certain warning plastered all over it "YOU ARE STUPID".

Have a nice one....

From: umer siddique
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 10:14 PM

aslamalaikum jawad
thanks God i can tell my story to any body because emirates people were like its normal what hapened
it was last may when i was traveliing to london from karachi and the transit was in dubai
in karachi the immigration people and the fia people and also the emirates people thoroughly checked my passport and my vissa
they all cleared me and every thing was fine till i landed in dubai.
when i was going for checkin for my flight the emirates
person who was checking the tickets and passports ordered me to
stand seperate and then said that my passport and vissa is false and
then he took me in a seprate room and orderd me to stay there
after some time another person in civil clothes came in the room and took a seat with me  he was a pathan   and started talking with me in a friendly manner and asked whats the problem i told him what was happenend after listining to the story he said that he is also detained there for the same reason and he is actually travelling with a false vissa and the airport people are torturing him from last two days  and then he advised he that
if i am also traveling with a false vissa then i shoulk tell them at once so then i will not face torture i was so angry when i heard that  and told him that i am traveliing with a valid vissa and iam going in emergency because my wife who is british is in hospital for her delivery. after some time the emirate person came i and i asked him that my vissa and passport was checked in karachi by both immigration and the emirates then why he is doing that and that i am only in dubai for transit and my vissa should only be checked in karachi or london so why he is doing this but he still kept saying to me to tell truth and if i tell truth then he will not give me to police and will just send me back
i remained there in the room for three hours and just 15 minutes before my flight time they allowed me to go to my flight
i asked them why do they stopped me but no answer
i also found that the emirates person who did this to me was an indian
because of his name tag and he was talking in mumbai accent
mr jawad i cant describe how humilating was all this for me i was sooo sooooo angry but cant do anything
in london i told all this in the emirates office but all what the did was smile and took my phone no and told me that they will call me
i stayed there in uk for 2 months but because of the nature of stay 
i didnt have time to go again to the emirates office
in pakistan after two months i also tried to talk with emirates but same
i have still kept the tickets  but i know nothing can happen 
offcourse i am not travelling again with emirates and nor any body i know
but is there any body who can tell the emirates people that they are not gods
thanks for giving me time
allah hafiz



From: "RAH" <>

To: <>
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 1:49 PM
Subject: EK Airlines

Dear Jawad

How I longed to see a website like yours where passengers can vent their
frustrations against Emirates.

True that the airline has been awarded nurmerous awards for excelling but I
long to know in what areas did that airline excel in?

I travelled with Emirates 4 times in the last 2 months (intra-gulf travel
rather than long-haul) and have to say that their service-level (cabin crew
wise) is less than acceptable. Another draw-back with flying with Emirates is
their bad on-time performance. In brief, and all honesty, here are my three
experiences with Emirates during the last 8 weeks.

Trip 1: Riyadh-DXB (March '03)- Economy
Flight dept was scheduled at 2045.

Friend dropped us off at 1930 only to see at airport entrance (flight dept
screen) that the EK flight to DXB was delayed by an hour. New time of dept
2145. No problem. Checked in, went through passport control and into the dept
lounge to wait. Waiting from 2000 untill 2130 made passengers at the gate abit
bored. Looking for EK ground staff to ask for updated information was not
possible. They were nowhere to be seen. By 2200 Riyadh airport screen showed a
new dept time of 2245. Seems like Emirates likes to move forward their
departure time in one hour increments. That would be fine IF, at least, at the
very least, we would be able to see an EK staff walking around to talk and
update us. Apparently, they too had no idea whats going on and didnt want to
face angry passengers and answer us with a 'We have no idea why the delay',
and frankly I dont blame them. Nothing worse than ground staff walking around
the gate telling us he/she has no idea where the flight is delayed. I would
rather not see their face at all.

By 2245, the screens changed once again to 2330 new time of departure. By that
point (2245) the EK ground staff could be visibly seen at the gate counter
and/or walking around, talking to passengers and confirming that the 2330 is
the proper time. Went over to the ground staff and asked the reason for delay,
'technical fault with aircraft' was the response. Asked why passengers were
not issued a voucher to have dinner during this delay and I was told that EK
does not issue food vouchers for delays less than 6 hours. Very nice! And that
comming from a 'world-class' airline.

Onboard, staff were rude (I attributed that to them getting tired from the
delay on the ground back in Dubai). But then again, just like the crew having
the right to be tired and showing it, we passengers, also have that right.
Apparently, with Emirates, you dont. Ask for water once is fine (and ignored
by them ont hat flight).. ask for it a second time to remind them and all you
get is a scron-look. I didnt bother asking for a third time. I just thanked
God i chose EK on a 50min (Riyadh-Dubai) flight rather than a 7 hour
London-Dubai flight.

Trip 2: Dubai-Bahrain (March 2003) - First Class

This was a complaint free flight, I must say. Cabin crew in first class are
really trained to be all smiley and courteous, as opposed to those we faced on
the Riyadh-Dubai sector.

Seats were fine, food was fine, crew were nice, and the only hiccup was the
45minute delay in departure out of Dubai. Dont know why though, captain never
bothered telling us.

Trip 3: Kuwait-Dubai (April 2003) - Business Class

Nothing much happened here as well. Flight left 30min behind schedule however,
Emirates screwed up with our seatings at checkin and my friend and I were
forced to sit apart. Complained at checkin to fix this as we wanted to sit
together. No use. The typical 'cabin is full, sorry' cold response came
through. I hate those answers!! Told him to find something, he told me to
speak to the station manager! I never knew that to sit next to a friend
(booked under the same reference number as mine, ie. one booking) entails
speaking to a manager. I would speak to a manager if a ground staff cursed me,
or if my luggage was intentionally lit-up by fire, then yes! But to sit side
by side with a friend whose booking is under the same reference as mine?? I
would have thought EK ground staff would go through the flight and organize
this before flight departures. I know other airlines, like British Airways,
do! But then again, why on earth would i compare EK with BA?

Went over to the station manager, asked for my request and he promised me a
solution at the gate, just before boarding. Fine. We proceeded to the gate.
Upon boarding, told the agent at the gate counter to remedy the problem.
Nothing. He told me the same as the checkin staff: ask the station manager.
Waited till everyone was on board, thats when the manager showeed up. "Excuse
me, remember me? I want the proper seating!!". He was baffled. Apparently his
memory-span isnt capable of reaching 30min back! He looked at me like I never
spoken to him before. Told him the problem, he nodded and told me (politely)
to get on board and take it with the cabin crew and now its out of his hands.
Very nice. And thats with a business class ticket. Made me wonder if its only
first class that got the hassle-free journies.

Told him that was ridiculous and that it has to be dealt with now before I got
onboard. I didnt want to get onboard and make a scene with the staff. Fine, he
said. He reissued our cards to be seated side-by-side. Wondered if seats were
available, why didnt they do this in the first place??!! Does Emirates really
enjoy screwing with our heads?!

Got onbaord, only to find two passengers sitting in our seats. Told a member
of the crew that, she simply told us to grab any seat as we are preparing for
takeoff. Told her i wanted our side-by-side seats, she simply replied 'sir,
just grab any seat. its only a one hour 20min flight'. Damn! I dont know what
book they use, but those EK crew really have bitchy replies.

Trip 4: Kuwait-Dubai (April 2003) Economy.

Sand storms in Kuwait. Flights were delayed by thirty minutes (on average).
Emirates took the lead by delaying us more than that. Surprise, surprise.
Scheduled time of Dept 1555. At 1400, Kuwait Airport screens showed that 90%
of all flights were delayed due to the local storms. Fine. We sat in the
airport restaurant until flight departure. Sat, waited and waited. The screens
showed the 1555 chaging to 1630. at 1630, time changed to 1845. That was the
killer. At 1630, and knowing your flight is now pushed further by 2hours and
15min, made us look for an EK ground staff. Just like in Riyadh, nothing!!
That kills me!! Show up and offer us something. Show up and give us
explanations or just a damn smile! show us you are aline and around somewhere
and not, probably, at home sipping tea next to a nice fireplace!! But nothing.
We didnt see an EK ground staff till around 1730. A crowd amassed around those
two ground staff and they were over-whelmed! But then I can sumpathize with
those two staff as they should have been with us from the begining! What did
they expect? 250 passengers sitting and once the 2 staff arrive, they'd all
stand up and applause? Or did they expect 250 smiles?! Frnakly I didnt join
the mass that encricled the 2 staff, but I was happy it was done. Let them
know how bad they are with customer service and that they need to change their
ways of 'not showing their faces'.

EK staff then told us to sit as they have an announcement. Everyone backed off
and sat. Here it was, the announcement: 'The Emirates plane is delayed due to
bad weather at Kuwait Airport. The flight will arrive at 1830 so it will need
an hour to be made ready and to takeoff back to Dubai at 1930". Nice. Even
more of a delay. Someone then told him to look at the departure screens
showing him that flights were actaully taking off from Kuwait and why is it
that other airlines are flying in and back out with 30-45min delays and
Emirates is going into its 4th hour of delay. He shrugged off that question
and told us 'that is what Dubai told us, this is what we know'. To be fair,
they offered us vouchers for dinner at the airport restuarant.

Already sick of Emirates so went to the Kuwait Airways desk at the departure
lounge asking to see what other alternative arilines were avail to Dubai. I
was told that the Kuwait Airways flight already left 2 hours ago and SriLankan
will depart in 30minutes. Asked for seats on that flight, they told me in was
already booked up. Some Emirates passengers already thought of this before me
and grabbed whatever was left on that flight. Let the record show that: Kuwait
Airways left 45min behind schedule and srilankan was already running 30min
late. It finally left one hour behind schedule. If those two airline managed
to fly in and out with one hour delays, why is emairates going into it's 4th
hour?! I knew it was not the weather but its the aircraft itself (technical

Recap at this point: time arrived at airport 1445, time now 1930 (the new
scheduled time of dept). 4 and half hours of delay and still no sign of

2000 Emirates ground staff happily announce that flight took off from DUbai
and that it was a techinical fault that caused such a delay and not the
weather. *GASP* NO!!! REALLY?!! technical? Jeeeez!! Emirates are really smart
and up-to-date, arent they! What would the world and airports be without
them?! God damn it! We know its techincal! With all those billions you are
spending buying new planes to be 'the major airline of the Arab world' send a
fucking replacment aircraft!! Stop giving us lies its the weather when we all
know its a faulty plane!! Sometimes that airline really thinks its dealing
with idiot passengers when we all know that its them who are idiots!! Emirates
management are better suited to run a herd of camels than a fleet of A.330 and
B.777's! God only knows what will happen to them when their A.380's arrive.
They'll probably mess up big-time! Ill be the last to test an Emirates A.380.
I dont know why but i just dont trust when it comes to big fleet. They seem to
be fine before when they have 25 planes.. but as they approach 50 in their
fleet, it seems taht service standards is going down. They can keep up with
such expansion and training enough new crew to join.. those new crews are
really bringing down standards with their rude bahviour and bitchy replies.

To cut it short with the Kuwait scneario, the flight did finally land at 2200
and, lord and behold!! The captain, upon boarding, told us that the delay was
due to technical, and ironically, bad weather in Dubai ariport!! I swear I
must have hit a nerve when I heard that!

At 2245, still on board and on the groun at Kuwait Airport, we were told that
more delays expected and cant pushback for another 45minutes due to bad storms
in Dubai and that was causing a backlog of flights landing into Dubai.
Therefore we'll be waiting on the ground in Kuwait until Dubai gives our
aircraft clearance to head there. Fine. But then a 20's girl with her baby
infant had enough of all this and asked the crew to offload her. It was
reaching midnight, her 1yr old child was tired and she wanted out. Once crew
told her that by doing so (offloading) will cause the flight to delay even
more. My nerves just snapped at that point. TOld him that he should listen to
the captain announcements more often as he, himself, has mentioned a 45min
wait on the ground here and off-loading averages 30minutes! He said fine and
otld her to grab her stuff from the overheard luggage. Seeing that she was
carrrying her one year old, and not able to take down her infant bag fromt he
over-head, she asked the crew member to helkp he. He LITERALLY shrugged off
her request and told her it wasnt part of his 'job description to place and
unplace bags from over-head lockers' and that he would rather have her stay
put in her seat as the delay is only a 45min wait. I got up from my seat and
took it upon myself to take her bag down and walk her to the front of the
plane (carrying her baby's carry-on). if Emirates wont take care of a mother
and her child, Emirates passengers might as well start to care for each

Sorry but after trip 4, I decided that I was more than fair to judge that
airline. I dont judge by first trip but by the 4th, I think I have had enough
delays and enough of their lack of courteous replies and manners.

Bottom line:
They are rude, arrogrant and nerve-wrecking!
News Flash Ek crew: Drop your attitudes! You dont work for the Concorde! its
only Emirates for God's sake!


An avid Emirates hater!

From: Trade Bureau De Change
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 1:36 PM
Subject: 2003 Emirates a Disgrace

2003 Emirates a Disgrace

Finally when Emirates cannot listen to your complains and "STILL" pretend to the best Airline of the YEAR....what a Disgrace especially when treating Weman and Children.

Date: 6th February’ 03
Dear Sir;
It is really outrageous that such a well reputable Emmirates Airlines makes their passengers face such a vital problems especially to a women with infant child.
I purchased 2 Traveling Tickets for my Sister and her Infant baby, Numbered; 176 3665695969 & 176 3665695970 on the 20th January’ 03 from Jumbo Travels, traveling to the UK.
My sister was perfectly boarded with both boarding passes at the Dar es Salaam International Airport, unfortunately on transit in Dubai, she was declined to carry out her further journey to the UK with the reason her traveling Tickets were VOID, the Emirates officers imposed her to return back home with the next flight, that was next day morning at around 8:00am.
After further more investigations the UAE immigration officers at Dubai Airport confirmed all her travel documentation were in perfect order and hence she can continue with her journey ahead, but still the Emirates authorities did not accept the fact, and declined to board her in.
She was than assisted by the Dubai immigration authorities to purchase fresh new Travel Ticket to continue with her journey.
This is acutely a disgrace to the Emirates Airlines especially harassing a lady with an infant child not taking into consideration the long stop hours she had spent at Dubai Airport.
I hereby strongly claim all my extra unnecessary expenses that Emirates Airlines enforced me make at the Dubai Airport.
Travel Tickets – Emirates Airline Dar/London/Dar                               US$   755.00
New Travel Tickets – Olympic Airline Dubai/London/Dubai                US$   850.00
Additionally compensation for the stop over at Dubai Airport             US$   250.00
Telephone cost for Urgent arrangement of funds/problems raised      US$   150.00
Total                                                                                                    US$2,005.00  
Please find copies of your Tickets numbered above and the photocopies of New Tickets Purchased at Dubai Airport attached. (Original Tickets have been returned to Jumbo Travels)
I very much hope that you may consider my issue at a higher priority,
I hope to hear from you soon.
 Further more...... after receiving a simple appology letter.......
RE: YOUR LETTER REF No: DXB/X/LM/150303/232139 Dated 25th March' 2003
With reference to the above mentioned letter sent to me from you Customer Affairs Department singed by M/s Lubna Bin Hindi, I would like to bring my complain matter to your attention.
I hope that you may be in a position to look into my matter personally.
On 6th March I wrote an official complain to your dar es salaam Emirates office, (letter attached), I received a letter today from your department giving me unreasonable explanations that its the passengers duty to have the right documentations and visas which she had.
I have clearly stated that " After further more investigations the immigration officers at Dubai Airport confirmed all her travel documentation were in perfect order and hence my sister can continue with her journey ahead, but still the Emirates authorities did not accept the fact, and declined to board her in. She was than assisted by the Dubai immigration authorities to purchase fresh new Travel Ticket (Copies were attached) to continue with her journey.
This has been acutely a disgrace to the Emirates Airlines especially harassing a lady with an infant child not taking into consideration the long stop hours she had spent at Dubai Airport.

I shall appreciate if you could kindly assist me against my claims that I have the legal rights against the harassment and unnecessary additional cost of air tickets, I cannot accept under any circumstances the reasons that your office have mentioned as my sister did have entry to the country that she was scheduled to travel without any objections on her new travel tickets and visas, additionally when your crew are boarding passengers issue boarding passes both for transit and final destinations, don't they check the documentations?
your earliest response shall be highly appreciated, looking forward to hear from you sir.
Thanking you,
Emirates has not even taken the efferts to respond back.... Claims i guess is just no way..
US$ 2,000 may not be any value for the Emirates, but its not the same for us travellers, we earn hardly US$300 per month and saving all the way for 2 years for just having a short holiday, which also ends up into a ditch when travelling with Airline like Emirates, a rich world Airline where they dont care where and how one earns all this money and suddenly you wake up its "VANISHED"

From: Mohammed , Euromatech
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 5:15 PM


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 06:00:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "ume hafsa" <> | 


I would like to know if there is a telephone number where I can call Emirates in USA.

My Uncles baggage has been missing since april 2nd and I dont seem to be getting any positive answers from anybody.


From: "ambika sridhara" <> | 
Subject: Bad experience with Emirate Airlines
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 11:03:36 -0500

Dear Sir,
          I appreciate your service for the victims of Emirates Airlines 
flights. We happen to be one of them and lost some of our precoius 
belongings as they forced us to turn in our hand carry on bag inspite of it 
being well under their rigid requirement.I wrote and faxed to Delhi staff 
while I was in Delhi. No use.Then when I returned to USA I wrote to the Area 
Manager in NY but to no avail again. I get another e-mail forward from a 
friend whose e-mail I had used in Delhi and the answer was the same as the 
one I got.Looks like they did't even bother to read my letter.I know I am 
not going anywhere by airing my complaints to all kinds of inept people.As 
such I want to write to the President and CEO of Emirates Airlines. So 
please can you furnish me the e-mail or the regular address of the President 
& CEO?. Many thanks.I tried google sight to get the address but couldn't 
find it.I surely appreciate your help.

From: "Dhore, Jennifer" <> |
To: "''" <>
Subject: Emirates Airlines
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 12:37:52 -0500

Can you believe that it could possibly take someone 7 weeks to secure a seat
home?  No one would believe a story like that but it is true.  I've attached
a copy of an email unsuccessfully sent to Emirates Airlines.  Read below.

Mr. Flanagan - I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the
level of service that your airline has provided to my husband.  This is our
first experience with Emirates Air, and based on our current experience, we
have no intention of attempting to repeat the experience.  This is quite
unfortunate since we have family residing in Dubai and our families fly back
and forth quite regularly.  

My husband purchased an open ticket in September with his final destination
being Nairobi (reference#BY2KW6).  At the end of December he began regularly
calling your Nairobi ticket office to book a return because his ticket had a
4-month open return and the date was fast approaching.  After weeks of
failed attempts to book a return flight, he telephoned me in desperation to
try to correct the problem through the New York office.  Nairobi kept
telling him that they were awaiting instructions from the NY office.  I
contacted the NY office to explain that he was unable to secure a seat and
was told that it was due to "high season." They further informed me that
since he had not secured a seat within the 4-month return period that if he
wanted to return he would be forced to pay an additional $390 to switch his
ticket to a year return.  I stated that I found this unacceptable since it
was out of his control that your airline had so severely overbooked all
flights, and further, this was quite disappointing since repeated attempts
were made to return in time and your Nairobi office refused to honor his
request.  The customer service agent in NY explained that was due to his
class of service being the lowest priority.  Again, I find this quite
unacceptable.  I requested that NY forward this information to Nairobi so
that we could get him cleared for a seat and a return home.  

Our dilemma continues to this day.  In a nutshell, we have been attempting
to secure a return flight since the end of the year and had your NY office
become involved in mid-January and he still has not secured passage back to
the US.  Several days ago, Nairobi refused to let him board for his first
leg to Dubai.  Being a US citizen there was no reason to refuse his boarding
as there were no visa or other prohibitions in Dubai.  I again contacted NY
to get this situation cleared and received a guarantee that they could
confirm his return on March 3rd but would be happy to put him on stand-by
between now and then.  

I found out this morning that he was still on stand-by for the 3rd.  So,
again, I contacted your NY office.  I am honest enough to admit that I was
most unpleasant towards your staff this morning but I can find absolutely no
justification for making someone who is holding a return ticket to wait for
more than 7 weeks for a return flight and penalize them $390 for your lack
of customer service and a lack of honor.  

This fiasco has caused a great deal of stress on my husband, myself and our
young children.  Family obligations have not been met because your airline
has been unable to provide a service for which it received payment.  

I would like to hear from a more reasonable and senior source such as
yourself as to how such a situation is allowed to exist.  

Jennifer M. Dhore
FSG Administrator
Dechert LLP
202.261.7709 direct
202.261.3333 facsimile

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Subject: RE: Emirates Complaints
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 13:11:15 +0000

Regarding you complaints about Emirates you people need to realise the art 
of Confirmation. Its really easy. All you have to do is lift the handset on 
your phone and dial the airline. Regarding the american complaints you damn 
americans are not satisfied with anything. Emirates is the best airline i 
and most people agree emirates to be friendly. I read one where he had to 
get a connection to Lahore, bloody hell Emirates fly there and obviously he 
didnt book through the airline so dont blame them. Nothings perfect. This 
happen everyday. Stop pin pointing Emirates. you people need to learn to get 
over it. And blame the real cause. YOUR TRAVEL AGENT
Your Sincerely,
P.S Comfirmation really works!!!!

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 17:28:40 +0100



Dear Dr. Jawad,
Thanks for opening such a good web page. I found it out a bit later, because I
am just coming back from a round trip Dusseldorf-Isalamabad-Frankfurt via Dubai
by Emirate. The journey from Dusseldorf to Dubai and from Dubai to Frankfurt 
comparable to that of any other leading air line. I really enjoyed that part of
the travel. But the journey from Dubai to Islamabad was not even as good as it
would have been by PIA. I fully realize that the most Pakistanis (and other
Asians) working in Dubai are  simple people who are not quite used to an air
travel. I have seen instances where passengers were misbehaving with the crew
for no good reason. I have an understanding for that. Notwithstanding this 
it seems to me the responsibility of an airline to train it's cabin crew in 
a way that they can maintain at least a matter-of-fact behaiour without getting
agitated at the comments/behaviour of one paseenger sothat the other passengers
do not suffer. My story goes like this:

Our flight EK614 was scheduled to fly from Dubai at 2200 hrs on 10th of 
2002. That it was delayed for nothing less than five hours was also not
befitting an airline which claims to be one the best ones, but that's not the
major thing that wanted to post here. I was totally dissatisfied (it's an
understatement) with the behaviour of on steward named Mr. B. The palne
remained on earth for over an hour after we had boarded. We were tarvelling 
our two kids-2 and 4 years old. The younger one was extremely tired due to the
long delay and was also hungry. He wanted to drink some milk before he could
finally go to sleep. As my wife asked this Mr. Bradley for milk, he said that
the milk is only for tea and coffee and as such he does not have any milk for
kids. After my wife requested him to realize that it was not a good time for
such a discussion as the kid was disturbed to such an extent that it was next 
impossible to lull him to sleep if he could not get some warm milk, the steward
came up with an offer that he could give her some powdered milk kept on board
for those who prefer powdered milk over fresh milk. As we know that our child
does not drink any sort of milk other than fresh milk (kids are kids, they can
not realize that are aboard a plane), let alone powdered milk, my wife 
him again to see if he could find just a bit of fresh milk so that we could 
down our kid, but the steward in question answered very rudely that he would 
repeat it ten times that fresh milk is exclusively for coffee and tea and not
for any other purpose. After that my wife came back to the seat where I was
trying to pacify the child.

Now the plane takes off [our kid is still crying, now not so loud]. The stewads
Bradley appears in the aisle and my wife tells me that he was the one with whom
she had just had the argument about fresh milk. When he came near me I asked 
to upturn his name-plate sothat I can write it down. The dialogue that followed
between him and myself is as under:

Me- Would you please upturn your name plate so that I could write down your
Steward- Why would you want to do that?
Me- Beacuse I am not satisfied with your behaviour with my wife and I want to
lodge a complaint against you.
Steward- What was wrong in my behaviour. The fresh milk is for coffee and not
for babies. Why can your wife not accept it?
Me- It's not the matter whether my wife can accept it or not, I am not 
with your service and I would like to complain.
Steward- That's a problem with all those Pakistanis that they can not accept
what we say and start writing complaints.
Me- I do not have any personal problem with you, sir. I just want to write down
your name.
Steward- (upturns his name tag in anger) This complaint is not going to help
you, there are already hundred complains filed against me.
Me- (I write down his name) Thank you!
Steward- It's always a nightmare for me tarvelling to places like Pakistan and
India. We do not have such problems in our part of that world.
Me- Maybe beacuse there are not as many kids in "your part" of the world as in
Steward- (turning red with anger and stamping his feet) You can keep your sort
of racism to yourself.
Me- Well, sir, I wanted to write down your name and I have done it. Thank you!

After that he kept muttering something which I did not bother to listen. It
seems so ridiculous even to think of such an absurd situation now, but I am
writing everything in detail to let everybody know that EMIRATES HIRES SUCH 



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